Hi I am Levon Demirchyan

Rules of my life

Invest in yourself.

The most valuable resources are time and your knowledge.

Learn to invest and teach others.

Come in. Learn new and useful things

New Jersey


I live since 2009 in

“You’re too old to be successful and rich”
“After 30, it’s already stupid to try to change something in yourself”

“You don’t know the American language, what’s America to you?!
“You will not succeed!”


Stop listening to this.
Don’t believe a word of it!

I am the perfect example that age is not important!
Start-up capital is not important!
The place is not important

Only 3 things matter:

A sincere desire to change your life

Learn new things

It matters who your mentor is

My way

My name is Levon Demirchyan

I’m 44 years old.

I have lived in America for more than 10 years. And I started my journey with a dream to build a chain of coffee shops in America.

Fortunately, this idea led me to bankruptcy.
  1. Due to ignorance of the language;
  2. Misunderstandings of American culture;
  3. Lack of experience and knowledge.

Why fortunately?

I began to invest time in myself, my health and knowledge by using books and mentors.
As a result of this investment I was able to pull out of  $1,000,000 debt.

The idea of leaving a mark on the world has always burned in me.
But only after I started to develop and learn, I realized how to do it!
The world around me began to play with new colors, and I began to act.

I will share my secret of success with you

are obsessions!

The most valuable tool on the way to the dream.

Unfortunately, most people never admit to their obsession.


They are waiting for a life of 20%, ordinary, difficult, with a constant feeling that it could be better.

Don’t let this happen to you!
Discover your obsession.


No matter what. Just understand that there are no borders!
Take the first step to financial freedom.
Believe that it is possible!

Money is a tool for making money.

I share my experience of how your money can work for you.

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